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It all begins with paper....

It began when I realized I had an obsession with beautiful paper!  I've always believed that a hand written note is priceless, and that the right paper for any occasion makes a lasting first impression!

With a degree in human resource management, I worked in the corporate world until I realized my true passion was for paper. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine there was so much possibility for creating lasting and meaningful impressions in peoples lives with a single sheet of paper selected with careful intention.

Being involved in the creative process has brought me great personal satisfaction knowing that the event, whether it be a kids birthday party, a surprise 40th, holiday cocktail party, corporate fundraising event, the wedding of your dreams or the announcement of your new bundle of joy, all began with carefully selected paper from Papier Girl.  These are the milestones in life that we celebrate or announce to the people in our lives. Paper sets the stage for the story to be told.

As you can tell, I am passionate about paper and delivering the perfect experience to the customer. My charming paper boutique caters to those who share my love for color, texture, pattern, and yes, even smell of paper!

Paper has the magic of capturing vision and delivering emotion.

Write on,


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